Hi Fly presents the world’s first cargo Airbus A380

Portuguese charter airline Hi Fly showed off the world’s first cargo Airbus A380. During the conversion, a significant part of the passenger compartment of the mega liner was dismantled and adapted for the transportation of light cargo. Given the luggage compartment, goods can now be placed on three levels.

Previously, the aircraft was operated by Singapore Airlines, now it is owned by the Lisbon Hi Fly and usually operates charter passenger flights worldwide under leasing conditions. However, the demand for such charters has dried up due to the current restrictions related to the pandemic – but for the same reason, the demand for the transportation of light goods, including medical supplies, has sharply increased. Hi Fly quickly responded to changing needs by creating a cargo-passenger version.

Armchairs in economy class salons were removed on both decks, usually passenger decks, but the first and business class remained untouched. The entire rear of the upper deck and two-thirds of the main deck can be used to carry goods not only on the floor but also on the roomy luggage racks of the world’s largest passenger airliner. The cargo volume of the upper and main deck, thus, amounted to 164.56 cubic meters. m, of which 16.25 cubic meters m – on the luggage racks.

The configuration of the cargo deck at the bottom of the fuselage was left unchanged. It can accommodate up to 133.3 cubic meters. m cargo: 77.0 in the front, 42.0 in the rear, and 14.3 in the middle.

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