Henry Cavill may lose role as the Witcher

Henry Cavill, who plays the Witcher in the saga of the same name, may lose his job in the project due to a racist scandal in which the actor’s chosen one, Natalie Viscuzo, was involved. Travelers on the Web found pictures of Natalie 13 years ago, in which a woman specially dyed her skin dark in order to undergo an initiation rite of one of the indigenous tribes.

On the web, this picture was considered a manifestation of racism. A buch arose in the press and on the Internet: Viscuzo was called to account. Got for everything that happens and Henry Cavill, as the man most famous and close to Viscuzzo. Viewers demand to deprive Cavill of his role in the series. Some especially active ones even created a special petition, which they are actively distributing on the Internet.

Viscuzo herself hastened to justify herself for what happened, and at the same time to save the career of her lover. So, in a conversation with reporters, she apologized for the “insult” and promised to rehabilitate herself.

“The tribe I lived in painted my skin for a rite of initiation and acceptance into their culture. I would never have thought that this could offend anyone. In fact, I was flattered that they dedicated me. But given the lessons we are learning in today’s world, it is important to be aware of the potential harm. My deepest and most sincere apologies,” JustJured quotes her.

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  1. Anyone who says it was 13 years again so what it doesn’t make it okay. Idiots if he smart he should leave her. She even got caught hiring a paparazzi to take pictures of her. She is using him she is gonna ruin his career.


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