Henry Cavill explains why playing Sherlock is easier than the Witcher or Superman

In recent years, Henry Cavill has developed into a top artist. This was largely due to his participation in the DC Expanded Universe as Superman. Cavill still hopes to return to this look, but for now, he’s focused on other projects. So, he became the protagonist of the hit Netflix series The Witcher, and earlier this month on the same Netflix the film Enola Holmes was released, in which he played the famous detective Sherlock Holmes. Comparing these three iconic roles, Cavill noted that in the case of Superman and Geralt, he felt a lot of pressure, while reincarnating as Sherlock made him feel “free.”

In an interview with Collider, the 37-year-old actor said:

It’s funny, but I’m trying not to focus on external pressure. I try to turn each of my roles into a kind of personal task, abstracting from outside influences. Whether it’s Superman, The Witcher or Sherlock Holmes, I don’t feel outside pressure. It all comes down only to your own sense of self. Of course, playing Superman and Geralt, I want to achieve the most accurate fit in the image, because I grew up with these characters and I love them very much. This has always been something very important to me. As for Sherlock Holmes, I have never been particularly fond of these books.

To this, Cavill added that he is usually very picky about details during filming, arguing with others about exactly how his character should behave, but in the case of Sherlock, the actor freed himself from this “psychopathic desire for authenticity”, thereby removing the burden from himself unnecessary responsibility.

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