Heidi Klum with her husband Tom Kaulitz and children visite a museum in Berlin

For several months now, 47-year-old Heidi Klum has been in her native Germany. The star, who lives in the United States, temporarily moved to Berlin to take part in the filming of the 16th season of the show “German Top Model”, the permanent host of which Heidi has been for 14 years.

Her husband, 31-year-old Tom Kaulitz, as well as four Klum children: 16-year-old Leni, 15-year-old Henry, 14-year-old Johan and 11-year-old Lou are now in Berlin with her.

This weekend, everyone went together to the famous Museum of Modern Art in Berlin, which is located in a bunker from the Second World War. On her Instagram, Heidi shared a whole series of photographs taken at the exhibition.

Klum clearly appreciates the opportunity to spend time with her family, because her children might not have left for Germany. The fact is that the model had a conflict with her ex-husband, 51-year-old Seal, who opposed Heidi taking them with her. The musician expressed fears that due to the coronavirus pandemic and the regime of restrictions, the rules of which often change, children will then not be able to return to the United States, and he will have to part with them for a long time. But in the end, the former spouses managed to reach an agreement.

Heidi’s eldest daughter, Leni (her biological father is Flavio Briatore, but she was born in the marriage of Sila and Heidi, and he adopted the baby), has already been seen several times on the set with her mother, and the German press suggests that Klum is preparing her daughter to a kind of “going out”: soon we can see the start of Leni’s career in the fashion industry or on TV.

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