“He acts like a 12-year-old”: anonymous White House staffer wrote a book about Trump

On November 19, another book dedicated to Donald Trump is published. This time, a White House employee who wished to hide his surname made an antipathetic portrait of the American President. The anonymity of the author further piques curiosity and draws attention to the book to which the newspaper Le Figaro devoted its material today.

“He insults, gets confused, gets irritated quickly, and has obvious problems synthesizing information. And this does not happen from time to time, but constantly,” — such an excerpt from the book “A Warning” Le Figaro begins his article. Throughout the 259 pages, the author tries to prove that Donald Trump is untenable as President and can pose a real danger to the country.

“He acts like a twelve-year-old child, who was given a command and control room: he presses all the buttons in a row, without thinking and without paying attention to the planes that skids on the runway or that simply can not get to the airport,” – the author describes the work of trump in the White House, where there is a heavy atmosphere. As for personal qualities, the American leader is described in the book as a choleric character who loves racist and sexist jokes and has bad taste.

Although the author claims to deal directly with Trump, the book is composed in such a way that it is impossible to guess who wrote it. What is known is that in 2018, the same person published an anonymous column in the New York Times called “I am a member of the resistance movement in the Trump administration.” At the time, the author explained that he did not resign from his post in the White House only because he felt the need to control the President and “his worst inclinations” for the good of the country. And he claimed that there were several people like him in the presidential administration. In the new book, the author admits that he made a mistake because trump could not be reined in or changed.

The official representative of the President of the United States Stephanie Grisham called the book “lies” and “fiction,” and its author “coward.” The Justice Department has warned the publisher Hachette, which released the book, that it violates the white house’s duty of confidentiality. In response, the publisher noted that in this way the authorities are trying to get secret information about its author.

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