HBO renews ‘Close enough’ for the second season

The official Twitter account of Close Enough has posted a post that the project has been renewed for a second season. ComicBook interviewed series creator J.J. Quintel:

The “Regular Show” I did was about how I was in college, hanging out with friends, getting jobs, having fun, and relaxing. But this show lasted too long, by the end I had changed a lot. I got married, had children, so the “Regular Show” was no longer my story. It was the story of how I was in the past. And I wanted to talk about the things that I feel now.

This is how the “Close enough” idea came about. It has more to do with problems and situations in the life of people in their thirties. It’s about how to be responsible, especially if you have children, you take care of them and all that. I couldn’t tell stories like this with the Normal Show, so it’s a great way to talk about these topics.

Author: Sam Smith
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