Hayley Bieber on her motherhood: ‘It will happen, but not now’

In September, 26-year-old Justin Bieber and his 23-year-old wife Hayley celebrated their second wedding anniversary. But the couple has no plans to acquire offspring yet. The model admitted this in an interview with Vogue Italia.

The strange thing is that I’ve always wanted to have children early, but now that I’m married, I’m less inclined to do so. I am an ambitious girl and I have many projects. It will happen, but not now,

– she said.

Her husband is of the same opinion.

We are still newlyweds. I mean we just celebrated our second wedding anniversary. We just enjoy our time together and get to know each other better,

– said the singer.

Hayley also admitted that at the beginning of her relationship with Justin, she avoided kissing in public: it was difficult for her to accept the fact that their personal life was in plain sight.

It was difficult for me to understand how to behave in a relationship that is happening in front of everyone. But there comes a time when you accept reality and acknowledge who you are. I couldn’t kiss him in public for a very long time, I didn’t like the idea that people were watching us at certain moments. But I realized that this is a battle that is ultimately very exhausting. The fact is, we love each other. And there’s really nothing to hide here,

– She added.

Haley called her relationship with her husband very deep, despite the fact that they themselves are so young.

Many people still consider us eternal teenagers, especially Justin. But we are a married man and woman, devoted to each other and content with our sensuality. We are individuals, and therefore we are together: our chemistry was born from this awareness,

– the model concluded.