Harry Potter star reveals her 3-month-old son is infected with COVID-19

British actress Jesse Cave, who played Lavender Brown, who is in love with Ron Weasley, said on her Instagram page that her young son was admitted to the hospital with a confirmed diagnosis of COVID-19.

For example, the 33-year-old artist shared a photo of her boy Abraham “Bam” Benjamin, lying in a small hospital bed. In the ward, Jesse herself is on duty, who sits at a small table in front of a laptop, on the screen of which British Prime Minister Johnson is speaking. By coincidence, he talks about new isolation restrictions due to the coronavirus in the country.

Cave writes about the condition of his three-month-old baby: “He is fine, everything is fine, fortunately. Doctors are vigilant and careful. This strain is super potent and contagious, so I hope people will be careful in the coming weeks. “

The actress also admits that she did not count on such a quick return to the hospital after the birth was quite difficult and not without injuries. In the publication, Jesse wrote that she was distraught because the new year did not start with her family’s most pleasant event.

Earlier on social networks, the star said that her third birth was “extreme” for her, which was not at all like the birth of her first two children – six-year-old Donnie and four-year-old Margot. She described the experience as “humble, intimidating and beyond her control.” The child appeared ahead of schedule, 40 minutes after the water had receded, for some time he was in the ward of the neonatal department, where he was monitored around the clock.

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