Harry Maguire Sentenced To Probation Imprisonment Following A Guilty Verdict In Greece

Manchester United defender Harry Maguire was found guilty of assault, insult, and attempted bribery of an official and sentenced to 21 months in prison a suspended sentence, the court officials said on the Greek island of Syros.

Manchester United have released a statement saying that Maguire, who was released from custody over the weekend, “continues to vigorously declare his innocence” and will appeal. Two other defendants, including Maguire’s brother Joe, were also found guilty on similar charges and sentenced to 13 months in prison. The sentences for all three defendants were suspended for three years.

Maguire, the world’s most expensive defense lawyer, was not present at the trial. By that time, the “high-ranking” ball pusher had gone home. The prosecution argued that Maguire, his brother, and his friend pushed the police at the scene in an attempt to escape after a fight to avoid arrest. After the hooligans were brought to the police station, the 27-year-old football player said: “I am the captain of Manchester United, I am very rich and I can give you a lot of money, let us go …”.

During the trial, one of the policemen said that he had to see a doctor. He gave him first aid after Maguire pushed him hard, after which the player was handcuffed. The officer received injuries to his back and legs, he was injected with painkillers. One of the British also shouted “fuck, fuck police” and hit the officer. The second policeman gave a similar description of the events.

Maguire’s defense at one point stated that the British were unaware that the plainclothes police were actually police officers. However, the prosecutor told Sky News reporters that “this is a complete lie.” “You can’t believe it. They were taken to the building of the police station, there were police cars, they showed their police IDs. It was a complete lie. How can you send those who, in your opinion, are not policemen, “fuck the police”? – he said.

The trinity was taken to the police station, where, allegedly, there were repeated attempts to bribe. The defense, in turn, claimed that the officers “kicked” Maguire while he was in custody and told him that his “career was over.” The defense also claims that she was not given time to prepare the case. “It should be noted that the prosecutor confirmed the accusations and presented evidence literally on the eve of the trial, which gave the defense team minimal time to reflect on and prepare them,” Manchester United said in a statement. “The application to postpone the case was subsequently refused.

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