Harry and Megan shut down the office at Buckingham Palace and laid-off employees

Prince Harry and his wife Meghan are closing their office at Buckingham Palace, which means they will have to lay off employees who worked there. This is due to their decision to resign their main responsibilities related to the Royal family.

According to British media, details regarding the closure of the office are still being worked out, and although some employees will be transferred to other positions, some will have to be fired.

In total, about 15 people will be cut, as they were told in January, the Daily Mail found.

In January, the Sussex couple announced on Instagram their decision to retire from the Royal family and live half the time in Canada. As the media wrote, this was a big surprise for the Queen and the Palace; no one knew that such a step was being prepared.

Harry and Meghan had hoped to remain official representatives of the Queen, but this was denied them. Buckingham Palace also said that the couple will not be able to use their Royal titles and will no longer receive public funds. They remained the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, while Harry retained the title of Prince.

In October 2019, a large interview with Harry and Meghan was shown on ITV. In it, they touched on two topics that the Royal family has been silent about for decades — tabloid interference in the lives of members of the Royal family and relationships within the Royal family.

Megan, in particular, spoke about how she was harmed by the tabloid press during her pregnancy, criticizing every step she took.

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