Harrison Ford’s “punishment” for a dangerous aviation incident has become known

The US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has closed the investigation against Harrison Ford after the actor took special courses, reports TMZ.

The incident involving Ford, who is known as an avid aviator enthusiast, took place in late April. The actor on his plane at the Los Angeles Municipal Airport crossed the runway as another aircraft landed on it.

According to an FAA spokesman, the actor was instructed to undergo a “corrective training course” associated with runway incursions. After completing the course, Ford’s case was closed.
In April 2017, the aviation authorities did not punish Ford, who almost crashed into a passenger liner several months earlier during a landing approach in California.

The most high-profile incident related to Harrison Ford’s hobby occurred in March 2015: a light-engine aircraft piloted by the actor – a collectible Ryan PT-22 Recruit from the Second World War – crashed on a golf course near Santa Monica airport in California. Shortly before the plane crash, Ford reported an engine failure. After the crash, the actor was hospitalized in a moderate condition with head injuries.