Harris: Gender equality contributes to strengthening democracy

The Vice President spoke at a forum organized by French President Emmanuel Macron.

Women deprived of freedom of speech or voice should fight for their rights and know that the United States supports them, US Vice President Kamala Harris said on Wednesday, speaking at a forum on gender equality within the framework of a summit organized by French President Emmanuel Macron.

Harris stressed that gender equality is of paramount importance for strengthening democracy.

“Use the tools of democracy, whether it is freedom of speech or the right to vote. And if you don’t have these freedoms yet, fight for them and know that we will fight with you,” Harris said, addressing other participants of the summit via video link.

According to her, democracy is facing threats all over the world.

“If we want to strengthen democracy, we must fight for gender equality. Because the truth is this: democracy is stronger when everyone participates in it, and weaker when someone is out of work,” the vice president said.

Two months after taking office, Harris said that the administration of President Joe Biden is stepping up cooperation with the UN Women structure, which deals with issues of gender equality and women’s empowerment.

Under the former president, Donald Trump, the United States led the resistance to UN initiatives to protect women’s sexual and reproductive rights, believing that they imply a hidden approval of abortion.

Harris spoke in a different way.

“When women have access to reproductive health care to stay healthy, they can take a more active part in public life, and our democracy becomes stronger,” she said.

Melinda Gates said that the Gates Foundation will allocate new funding for initiatives to strengthen gender equality in the amount of $ 2.1 billion. More than half of these funds will be spent on sexual health and protection of reproductive rights, and $ 100 million will be spent on helping women take leadership positions in the government and the private sector.

“Women should not only have the opportunity to speak out, but also be present in every room where political decisions and other decisions are made,” Gates said.

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