Harris believes that trump has abused the powers in conversation with the Secretary of Georgia

The politician also believes that the current US president’s words were “a cry of despair.”

Democrat Kamala Harris, who was elected Vice President of the United States, believes that the current US leader, Republican Donald Trump, abused his powers by putting pressure on the Secretary of State of Georgia, Brad Raffensperger, to change the results of the elections in this state, according to which Democrat Joseph Biden won.

“Did you all listen to this recorded conversation?  Harris said to the crowd at a rally in Georgia in support of the Democratic candidates in the second round of the US Senate election, “It was definitely a cry of despair, first of all, it was. But it was also a blatant and blatant abuse of power by the President of the United States.” The event was broadcast on Biden’s website on Sunday.

On Sunday, the Washington Post distributed an audio recording of the conversation between the American leader and representatives of the Georgian authorities. Based on the published data, the head of state demanded that the Secretary of Georgia “find” a sufficient number of votes cast in support of him in the last election to confirm his victory in the specified state.

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