HAPS Alliance Promotes Balloon Internet Promotion

A group of telecommunications, technology, aviation and aerospace companies have announced a partnership called the HAPS Alliance. They will develop technology for using high-altitude aircraft in the stratosphere to improve access to the Internet.

The Alliance will also seek to ensure that governments actively implement the “Internet at high altitudes”, and will create conditions for cooperation with common specifications and standards. The association also agreed to promote the concept for governments and potential users, even if in the future the companies will compete with each other.

At the same time, the alliance already has an agreement with HAPSMobile SoftBank, which is ready to introduce broadband Internet at high altitudes.

The author of Engadget notes that because of the simplicity of the concept, the Internet at high altitudes already has great potential. However, he is confident that the new alliance has yet to show that they have a “road map” of technology, and not just a set of ideas.

Companies have already made deals with wireless carriers in Kenya and Peru. This technology allows you to provide Internet access in remote areas with low population density or in mountainous areas.

Author: Flyn Braun
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