Hamilton doubts he needs a three-year deal with Mercedes

Six-time Formula 1 champion Lewis Hamilton said he doubted the need to sign a new three-year contract with Mercedes. According to him, this is due to global changes in the regulations from 2022.

“The decision has not been made yet. I want to stay in the Mercedes, we just need to sit down at the negotiating table and discuss everything. As a rule, we plan agreements for three years. But times are different now.

Do I want to continue performing for three more years? This is also a question … there are still many questions. In 2022, there will be new cars in the championship, and it is very interesting for me to see what they will be capable of ”, – RaceFans quotes Hamilton.

Lewis also noted that Mercedes’ economic and sustainability prospects will be part of future contract negotiations.

“This is all that we will naturally talk about. But I think that with my performances I deserve the right – or the opportunity – to stay in the team for a long time. So time will tell. I cannot say too much. I hope you hear the details in the next couple of months, ” added Hamilton.

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