Halloween at the White House: mini-doubles of Donald and Melania Trump blew up the network

Ignoring the pandemic and all protective measures, the President met the guests without a mask and got acquainted with a mini-copy of himself.

US President Donald Trump and his wife Melania could not ignore the upcoming holiday-Halloween: the couple’s new exit at the White House is discussed online.

Halloween at the White House



All Saints ‘ eve – Halloween 2020 – is coming very soon. In honor of the upcoming holiday, the White House building in Washington was decorated with autumn foliage and bright pumpkins. The President and first lady traditionally presented the authentic decor.

Donald and Melania Trump made sure that Halloween 2020 was the same as always: the couple met guests at the decorated White House without masks and with a large bag of candy.


Halloween at the White House


And while fashion stylists discuss the first lady’s low-key image before the election, most fans are moved by the small pair of doppelgangers who came to see Trumps. A blond boy in a black suit and red tie and a girl in a snow-white dress became the real heroes of the evening and, it seems, earned the biggest handfuls of sweets from the President.

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