Halle Berry disappointed in her Oscar win

The actress is still the only black actress to win an Oscar, and this worries her.

In a new interview with Variety, Halle Berry admitted that her Oscar win broke her heart. She won an award in 2002 for her role as Laetitia Musgrove in Monster’s Ball, but this win, she says, was a big disappointment for her, because since then black actresses have not been given more Oscars. Holly hoped her breakthrough “opened the door” for other black women in the film industry. In her opinion, Cynthia Erivo for her role in “Harriet” and Ruth Negga for the film “Love” could have also taken this award, but this did not happen.

I was sure that there are women who are worthy, who could and should receive the award. But it doesn’t, and I don’t know why. This is one of my main disappointments. That morning [after the Oscars] I thought, “Wow, I was chosen to start a new tradition. But no. And now I think: was this moment important at all? Maybe it was important only for me alone? I really wanted to believe that this event [receiving the highest award for a black actress] will not only concern me but will become something much more,

– shared her thoughts Berry.

And added:

Although the fact that I won an Oscar does not mean that I will be remembered the next day.

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