Hailey Baldwin denies rumors that she took Justin Bieber away from Selena Gomez

Justin Bieber proposed to Hailey Baldwin in 2018, just months after he was still seen with Selena Gomez. It was rumoured that Hayley and Justin’s romance developed in parallel with the fading of his relationship with Selena. However, Baldwin claims that her husband had a hiatus between the relationship.

“Contrary to popular belief, he was lonely for a while, and I was lonely, and we were just trying to figure out life,” said the 23-year-old model.

Bieber reunited with Gomez once again at the end of 2017. Rumours of their separation appeared in May 2018, when the singer was seen with the model Baskin Champion. In June, Justin posted photos of Hayley. The next month he proposed to her. It seems that the relationship between Bieber and his current wife has developed very quickly. However, Hailey notes that it took longer than everyone thinks.

“We talked a lot before we got together. Nevertheless, it did happen quite quickly. People were very surprised: “Is he getting married ?!” “– Haley shared.

Selena also thought that Justin had found a new girlfriend too quickly. In her song Lose You to Love Me, she sings: “You replaced our relationship with others in two months, as if it were that simple.”

But now, having become husband and wife, Bieber and Baldwin decided not to rush to take the next step – to have a child. Haley was more than once suspected of being pregnant, but the model explained that while she wants to pursue a career.

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