Hackers received data on thousands of police officers and employees of Federal services of the USA

According to the portal TechCrunch, the attackers said that hacked other resources and plan to sell the information.

Unknown hackers stole information about thousands of law enforcement officers and Federal services of the United States and intend to sell it. This was reported by the Internet portal TechCrunch.

According to him, a group of hackers managed to gain unauthorized access to the network resources of the Association associated with the FBI Academy in Quantico (Virginia). Given the array of information includes the names of law enforcement officers and Federal services of the United States, addresses, information about their email and posts. According to TechCrunch, it is about 4 thousand different records.

According to the Internet portal, hackers posted part of the stolen data on their website. On which- it is not specified for security purposes. Cybercriminals told journalists of the Internet portal that they had hacked other resources and were going to sell the information they had. As noted in the publication, the group of hackers includes at least 10 people.

Hackers told reporters TechCrunch that they also have other information about employees of Federal agencies of the United States and public organizations.

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