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Hackers have stepped up attacks on Trump’s websites in the run-up to the election

This is evidenced by the internal correspondence of the company Cloudflare, which cooperates with the presidential campaign headquarters.

Cybersecurity experts note an increase in hacker attacks on sites linked to the campaign headquarters of President Donald Trump and his companies in the run-up to the US election.

The company Cloudflare, which provides security for the headquarters ‘ digital platforms, believes that this may indicate preparations for a more massive digital attack. This is evidenced by electronic correspondence, which was reviewed by Reuters.

Many companies and organizations turn to Cloudflare to protect themselves from DDoS attacks that aim to disable sites by flooding them with malicious traffic.

As evidenced by the internal email correspondence of top Cloudflare managers from July 9, the number and severity of attacks on trump sites increased over the previous two months and reached a record level in June. The total number of attacks in emails is not specified.

Cloudflare did not directly respond to questions about the emails or their content. The company said it provides security services to the campaign headquarters of both candidates and declined to answer further questions about the nature or details of its work.

“We are seeing an increase in the number of cyberattacks aimed at political candidates. We will continue to work to ensure that these attacks do not interfere with free and fair elections,” the company said.

A representative of the Trump staff did not comment. Biden’s team declined to comment on the collaboration with Cloudflare or any attacks on its sites.

A spokeswoman for the Trump Organization said that none of the Corporation’s websites were disabled as a result of cyberattacks.

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