Guardiola responds to Klopp and Mourinho

Manchester City head coach Pep Guardiola commented on statements made by colleagues Jurgen Klopp (Liverpool) and Jose Mourinho (Tottenham Hotspur).

At the beginning of the week, the sports arbitration court announced the cancellation of the disqualification of the “citizens” in the Champions League, which, according to the decision of the UEFA, was supposed to last two seasons. Mourinho called the decision a shame and an end to financial fair play, and Klopp said it was not a good day for football.

“If they want to talk, I’m here. The verdict was pronounced by three independent judges. But, if they want to discuss this, they have my phone number. They can call me, and I will explain everything to them. No problem. But I think that it makes no sense for us to discuss anything because the verdict was clear. All assumptions about lies and fraud were not true. We were clean, ” Sky Sports quoted Guardiola.

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