Guaido went back to the country and offered three scenarios, in which Maduro can leave the post of the President of Venezuela

The leader of the Venezuelan opposition Juan Guaido, proclaimed himself acting President of Venezuela, sees three scenarios under which the current head of state Nicolas Maduro may leave his post. He told about it in interview to the Washington Post newspaper.

The politician was asked whether he saw options in which Maduro would leave his post without the use of force. “We in Venezuela have already tried everything possible: we go to protests, we use every opportunity for a peaceful transition of power. And now I see three scenarios,” he said.

The first scenario, in his opinion, is to hold “free and fair elections”, the second — which Guaido called the least likely in the current situation — implies “a kind of transition of power, but with partial preservation of the current regime”. “Finally, there is an option in which the military can go to the side of the Constitution, to the side of Guaido and to the side of the resistance, and this can stop the usurpation of power”, the opposition leader believes.

The source of Guaido in response to the last remark, asked whether in this case it is about a military coup. “True, but the military is moving to the side of the Constitution, so it’s not a military coup. This is the end of the usurpation of power”, the politician said.

Recall, Juan Guaido returned to the country from Colombia. About it he reported in Twitter.

The Supreme Court of Venezuela, which was considered to be influenced by the country’s President Nicolas Maduro, a few weeks ago banned Guaido to leave the country.

In Colombia, Guaido met with the President and with the leaders of Chile and Paraguay and the head of the Organization of American States.
In the airport of Caracas, Guido met hundreds of supporters. No attempt was made to arrest him.

Author: Flyn Braun
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