Guaido convince the Venezuelans to go to daily demonstrations

Only a few dozen people took to the streets of Caracas.

Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaido is trying to persuade people to go to daily demonstrations to force the resignation of President Nicolas Maduro, but the results leave much to be desired.

Only a few dozen people took to the streets of Caracas – far less than the opposition had hoped.

During a large demonstration on Saturday, Guido underlined the need for sustained protests.

One of the few demonstrators, schoolteacher Ildemar Acevedo, says she is determined to continue to take to the streets.

Meanwhile, a resident of Caracas Ophelia Briceno says that he will not participate in the rallies while the opposition does not present a clear plan of how to convince the military to side with Guido.

In January, when Guido proclaimed himself provisional president of Venezuela, he managed to gather a crowd of thousands. Many believed that change was near, but Maduro remains in power.

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