Guaido announced the protest action

In the state of Zulia, where the second most populous city of Maracaibo is located, there have been problems with water and electricity supply for a long time.

CARACAS – The Venezuelan opposition will hold a protest on October 24 in the northwestern state of Zulia. Juan Guaido announced.

“We will respond to people who demand change, and on October 24, we, the deputies, will take to the streets together with the state of Zulia to protect our people,” the politician said. The region, home to Maracaibo, the second populous city in the country, has long had problems with water and electricity supply.

Since the beginning of the year, power lines and substations have repeatedly failed in Venezuela. The biggest accident occurred on March 7, when Caracas and most of the States were left without power for several days. According to the government, the cause was sabotage at the Simon Bolivar hydroelectric power plant. Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro blamed “American imperialism” for the accident; the US State Department denied the accusations.

Representatives of the National Federation of electricity workers of Venezuela have repeatedly stated that accidents at power grids and substations are caused by a lack of resources for their preventive maintenance.

Author: Flyn Braun
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