GTA Online: Rockstar covered Los Santos with snow and brought gifts to players

Someone who, but gamers will not be left without a New Year mood. At a minimum, this applies to GTA Online players who received the Winter Update from Rockstar.

The new patch brought snow to hot Los Santos. So now players can, as in the good old days, throw snowballs at passers-by until they responded with a grenade. Also, gamers will receive New Year’s gifts in the form of strange masks and ugly sweaters.

Suppose you’ve long dreamed of refilling your garage, head over to Southern San Andreas Super Autos and grab The Grotti Brioso for free. You will have to pay $ 610,000 for it on ordinary days, but miracles happen on New Year’s Eve. Gamblers can try their luck and win at Progen Tyrus Casino, worth $2,550,000.

Winter Holidays will also be a great earning opportunity, as Rockstar has doubled the cash rewards for Stunt and Transform Races.

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