Grimes spoke about the unusual hobby of her five-month-old son

Grimes, 32, spoke about her five-month-old son X Æ A-Xii with Elon Musk in an interview with the New York Times. The singer admitted that the baby adores “radical art”.

I watched the movie “Apocalypse Now” with my child. He is fond of radical art, – said the performer in an interview.

The film received an R rating for “disturbing content with violence, profanity, sex scenes, and drug use.”

Grimes says her son is helping her create new music. The star said that she lulls her son with the unusual name of a neuro lullaby. She recorded it with Endel, a startup founded by immigrants from Russia. She really did not like the usual children’s songs, and she did not want to include them in her child, so as not to “spoil his acquaintance with the world.” Therefore, I decided to record my own composition, or rather an AI lullaby based on her music and voice.

Grimes recorded a couple of test tunes using the Endel app, but her son didn’t like the first songs: he cried and refused to fall asleep. After a month and a half, Grimes managed to achieve the desired sound – a calm melody with fragments of her voice turned out.

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