Greece said it is ready for a military conflict with Turkey

Greek national defense Minister Nikos Panayotopoulos said on Star TV that the country is ready for military action against Turkey to protect its sovereign rights.

According to him, the country’s defense Ministry notes the increase in the number of Turkish provocations in recent years.

“I believe that the only way for Greece to cope with such behavior, which generally tends to aggression, is, on the one hand, to use all its diplomatic weapons, and on the other hand, to ensure an increase in the deterrent force of the armed forces”.

At the same time, he stressed Greece’s readiness for a military confrontation with Turkey.

“Exactly so!” – he said, answering the corresponding question of journalists.

Author: Steve Cowan
Graduated From Princeton University. He has been at the Free Press since October 2014. Previously worked as a regional entertainment editor.
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