Governor Cuomo asked President Trump to increase spending on infrastructure

The Governor of New York blamed Republicans who doubt the need for Federal assistance to the States that they are behaving “un-American.”
New York Governor Andrew Cuomo called on President Donald Trump on Wednesday to adopt a large-scale spending plan to create new infrastructure that will help get Americans back to work after the actual shutdown of the economy due to the coronavirus pandemic.

“This is one of the things I want to talk to the President about,” Cuomo said before meeting with Trump at the White house. – You want to restore the economy. Let’s do something creative; let’s do it fast; let’s get Americans back to work building and repairing highways, bridges, and railways.”
Then the Democrat Cuomo criticized the statements of Republican lawmakers who questioned the need for massive federal assistance to state and city authorities. According to the Governor of New York, the Republicans reacted “un-American.”

“If you reduce the budgets of States and municipalities, said Cuomo, as it will help in the rebuilding of the nation? Without States, there is no nation.”
Governors of all 50 States have begun easing previously imposed restrictions, opening up the local economy. However, this week, 20 States reported an increase in the number of detected carriers of the coronavirus. Yet, in New York State, which was the hardest hit by the pandemic, the number of identified cases decreased over the same period.

President Trump has repeatedly stated that he would like to spend more on building infrastructure. However, other issues have priority in Congress, including spending on the fight against the coronavirus pandemic. In this situation, funding for infrastructure initiatives remains limited.

Governors of several states have called on Washington to provide additional financial assistance to restore the local economy. However, it is unknown whether the politically divided Congress and President Trump will be able to agree on a new large-scale plan.

The democratic-controlled House of Representatives passed a new $ 3 trillion economic aid plan that includes money to help state and city budgets. However, Republicans said they first want to assess the impact of previous aid packages adopted to save the economy hit by the coronavirus pandemic before agreeing to allocate additional funds.

Author: Steve Cowan
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