Google’s E-textile let you control the volume of your music with a simple touch

Google’s E-textile let you adjust the volume of your music with a simple touch. The whole secret lies in the new development of the company – a spiral sensitive matrix. Google shared its know-how on its blog.

A special matrix (helical sensing matrix, HSM) allows you to control devices by touching the wire. The easiest way to use it is to change the volume of the music. In addition, it can be implemented in various household objects, including clothing.

E-textile structure

Google demonstrated its development by the example of simple shoelaces into which wires integrate well. When you click on the lace, sliding along it along the wire and torsion, the nature of the signal changes. For example, if you squeeze the wire, the music turns on, if you twist it, the music increases or decreases, and if you run your hand along the string, the next track is turned on. Different types of touch helps distinguish between machine learning technology. Signal recognition accuracy today is approximately 94%.

Smart textile

In fact, HSM is a braid consisting of electrically conductive textile threads. They respond to touch and transmit signals.