Google wants to start levying a tax on global bloggers on YouTube

Google Corporation intends to introduce a tax for video bloggers worldwide who make videos on the YouTube platform. They will have to pay contributions for the income received from viewing their content in the United States.

The relevant information is posted on the corporation’s technical support website. Google is expected to start charging the tax from June this year.

Moreover, until May 31, all content authors must provide the necessary data to the AdSense monetization service. If the information is not received within the announced deadline, the corporation can charge up to 24% of all earnings of users around the world.

The American corporation emphasizes that such a step is important for meeting the requirements of the US Internal Revenue Service, according to which Google must “collect tax information about all creators monetizing their content outside the United States” and “in certain cases, withhold taxes if these creators receive income from US residents.”

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