Google unveils Nearby Share: Apple AirDrop analog for Android smartphones

Google has officially unveiled its proprietary technology for transferring files between Android devices – Nearby Share.

The feature is similar to Apple AirDrop, Samsung Quick Share, and Huawei Share. It works the same way. First, you need to select a file, link, or photo and click Nearby Share in the Share section. After that, a list of nearby devices will appear in a pop-up window. Users can customize visibility as well as upload files anonymously. Works Nearby Share via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and WebRTC (Web Real Time Communications) technology.

Nearby Share

Nearby Share technology has already begun to appear on smartphones with Android OS 6.0 and above. It is added through the update of the Google Play Services package. A little later, it will become available in the Chrome browser on Windows and macOS.