Google replaces APK with new Android application format in August this year

Google officially introduced the Android App Bundle format back in 2018. Now it became known that from August 2021 all applications uploaded to the Play Store digital content store must be in the AAB format, which will gradually replace the currently used Android Package (APK) format.

The use of the AAB format makes it easier to optimize applications for different devices. The process is automated to such an extent that when you download an application in the AAB format, only the files that are specifically designed for this device model are downloaded to the user device. This allows AAB applications to take up 15% less space than standard APK versions. According to Google, more than 1 million applications have already switched to using the AAB format. That goes for a thousand of the best apps and games from the Play Store, including Twitter, Netflix, Gameloft, Adobe, and Duolingo.

In addition to replacing APKs from August, the large OBB file extensions will be replaced with Play Asset or Feature Delivery. This is done to optimize the download and update process for large games in the same way as in the case of the AAB format. The end device receives only the parts intended for it, and not all files related to a particular application.

Already in August, everything uploaded to the Play Store should be in AAB format. This does not only apply to some types of software products, such as private enterprise applications.

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