Google released Android 11 for TVs on Android TV

Google announced the Android 11 operating system for smartphones in early September and has now released it for Android TV.

Unlike the mobile version, the list of changes here is not long. Basically, the developers have worked on the performance and security of the system. An updated RAM manager has been added to the firmware. In addition, the software has one-time permissions for applications that use location, microphone, and camera.

Even with Android 11, smart TVs will receive improved support for game controllers, the ability to run applications without installation, support for voice typing in the keyboard, and Auto-low Latency Mode, which works over the HDMI 2.1 standard. It can turn off graphics post-processing and greatly reduce latency in games and video calls.

According to Google, manufacturers will start updating their TVs to Android 11 in the coming months. Unfortunately, there is no more precise date for the release of the system.

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