Google plans to spend more than $7 billion on expansion

The company intends to invest this money including in the creation of at least 10 thousand jobs in the United States.

The American corporation Google plans to invest more than $7 billion in the development of offices and data centers and create at least 10 thousand jobs in the United States. This is stated in a statement by Google CEO Sundar Pichai, published on Thursday on the company’s website.

“Google wants to be part of the [economic] recovery. Therefore, we plan to invest more than $7 billion in offices and data centers in the United States and create at least 10 thousand full-fledged jobs in the United States this year,” Pichai said. He added that the corporation would allocate money for development in 19 states, and several new offices will be opened in the country.

According to the head of the company, the offices in California alone will receive $1 billion for development. The corporation will invest in expanding data centers in Nebraska, South Carolina, Virginia, Nevada, and Texas. New jobs will be created in Atlanta, Washington, Chicago, and New York.

Pichai explained that the allocated funds would allow the company to supply more goods and services in the future. This will contribute to the recovery of the US economy, which has been affected by the coronavirus pandemic.

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