Google Maps started displaying traffic signals

The location of traffic lights was added to Google maps, in some cases, the service even shows their signals at a particular moment. This will help optimize the drivers’ routes.

A new feature has appeared in Google Maps that will be useful to drivers – displaying traffic lights. The company has been experimenting with mapping traffic lights for several months, and soon this feature will be available to all users. In some cases, the map even indicates the traffic signal at a particular moment.

To see the presence of a traffic light, users need to zoom in on the map as close as possible – this works on Android, iOS, and the web version of the service. So far, the function has only been launched in the United States – researchers have a set of traffic light data only for this country. Soon this data will also be included in the maps in navigation mode.

In the future, the researchers also want to make the navigator take into account traffic signals and tell the driver the shortest and fastest way. A similar service can be found in some Audi models, where by subscription the navigator, taking into account the countdown of the traffic light, suggests the shortest path to the destination.

Also, a new feature has been added to Google Maps that will help protect against forest fires in the United States. Users can now see the boundaries of the fire and be notified if they are in a danger zone.

The information is updated every hour. To ensure that people receive the most accurate information possible, Google uses the analytical tools of the Google Earth Engine and image monitoring provided by the four GOES satellites of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. These satellites can see huge plumes of smoke and heat spots that indicate areas of fire.

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