Google Maps now tells you where to wear masks and gloves

Google Maps now tells you where to wear masks and gloves. This feature works in dozens of countries.

The Google Maps service has several features that are associated with the coronavirus. As cities soften or abolish quarantine, authorities introduce rules for using public transport and visiting crowded places. These requirements can now be seen on one page.

Users who want to use public transport will receive a notification with a set of requirements. For example, it can be a text saying that he definitely needs to wear a mask and gloves. Notifications have appeared in Australia, Argentina, Belgium, Brazil, India, Spain, Colombia, Mexico, the Netherlands, Thailand, the UK, France and the USA. These are all countries that provide Google information. In addition, users will be able to see how crowded public transport routes are depending on time. In addition, alerts on routes that cross country borders appear on Google Maps so users can take into account the restrictions that another country has set.

If the user travels to a test center or medical facility, the service will inform you whether to make an appointment and take a test there. This can be useful if these centers reject requests from customers who do not meet certain requirements.

Author: John Kessler
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