Google Maps can now make calls, send messages and listen to music

Google Maps now allows you to chat with friends or play music without distracting from the road. The new application mode will help users in this.

The Google app now lets you answer calls, send messages, and play music right from maps. The new update will roll out to Android smartphones first, allowing users to stay focused on the road while Google Assistant will help with other tasks. This means that the user will be able to make and receive calls, send and listen to text messages, and control music with only his voice, without taking his hands off the steering wheel or being distracted from the road.

The Assistant will announce an incoming call by voice so that the user can answer or reject it without having to look at the phone. For example, during a call or message, the Google tool will say “Call from Katy. Do you want to answer? ” The user only needs to say “yes” or “no”.

Users can now play media from streaming services – YouTube Music, Spotify, or Google podcasts. To do this, you need to say “Google, play [artist]” or “OK ​​Google, play [song name] for me.” You don’t have to make inquiries for specific genres, songs or albums, just say “put me in the mood for music”.

To work in the new mode, you need to open Google Maps on your Android phone and start navigating to your destination. Then you need to touch the pop-up window to start navigation. Another way is to ask the assistant to open the assistant’s settings, select the driving mode, and turn it on.

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