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Google closed the music service Play Music

Google announced the closure of the Play Music service at the end of 2019. The company did not name the exact dates but has long advised everyone to switch to YouTube Music. Now there is information that the old service is officially closed.

This was noticed by the journalists of the American edition of the Android Police. When you open Android and the Play Music web app, a message appears stating that the service is no longer available. Google offers to clear the cache of downloaded music (before that you can transfer it to YouTube Music) and uninstall the application. As for our region, Google Play Music is still working, but it seems not for long.

Google announced Play Music in May 2011. The service had two types of subscriptions: standard and premium. In the first case, users could upload 50,000 of their compositions to the server and listen to them in an application on a smartphone or through a web player. For the second type of subscription, Google charged a monthly fee, but at the same time provided access to listen to 40 million songs without ads.

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