Google and Facebook will pay more than 450 thousand dollars for political campaigning in the United States

Google and Facebook have agreed to pay the state of Washington a total of 455 thousand dollars for violation of the law on the transparency of political advertising, reports the Associated Press.

The company did not recognize the violation of the law, but agreed to pay 200 thousand dollars each, says The Seattle Times. In addition, for the legal costs Facebook has to pay 38.5 thousand dollars, Google — another 17 thousand dollars.

In June, Washington state attorney General Bob Ferguson filed lawsuits against two companies for violation of the law obliging media companies to collect and disclose information about customers of political advertising. Litigation began after the state government extended this requirement to technology companies.
Facebook spokesperson Beth Gauthier said the company is pleased with the settlement of the dispute. According to him, the social network is working to ensure the integrity of the elections and prevent foreign interference. Google, in turn, said that the company complied with the law before the adoption of the new rules in June, and then stopped receiving political advertising, so as not to violate the law.

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