Google accidentally revealed Pixel Buds A before the announcement

Journalists of 9to5Google have noticed the yet unannounced Pixel Buds A TWS headphones in the new Google advertising campaign.

The model looks very similar to the regular Pixel Buds, but at the same time it has a new Green Forest Green. The interior of the case will also be painted in this color. Of the differences, it is worth highlighting another location of the charge indicator. In Pixel Buds, it is on the bottom, and in Pixel Buds A, it will be placed near the lid.

So far there are no technical characteristics of the new item, but it can be assumed that the headphones will receive reduced autonomy. In addition, Google is likely to remove splash protection and wireless charging from the Pixel Buds A. The announcement of the model, according to an insider, will take place this month.

Author: John Kessler
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