“Gone Girl” star talks about David Fincher’s perfectionism

Actress Carrie Kuhn believes that hard work pays off in the end.

David Fincher has a reputation as a director who spares no effort or time in pursuit of the perfect result. Actress Amanda Seyfried, who starred in Fincher’s upcoming film Munk, previously revealed that she had about 200 takes over the course of a week while filming one scene. Carrie Kuhn went through something similar, from whom Fincher demanded 70 takes during a scene from Gone Gone, but the actress herself told Collider in an interview that the director’s maniacal approach did her good:

What I’ve learned about David is that he’s a perfectionist, but I’m also a perfectionist, so if I have to do 70 takes it gives me more time to practice and try to improve. He showed me a shot and explained why he asked me to do certain things. This cannot be taken as something personal, because he looks at the whole picture. You know, he may be focused on you, but at other times he is busy with others. If you take it personally, then you will not do everything right.

Kuhn made it clear that Fincher’s perfectionism knows no boundaries, but this does not mean that the shooting of his films is subordinated to some undeniable plan. Kuhn remembered how, while working on Gone Girl, the actors once deviated from the script, but Fincher liked the result so much that these shots were included in the final cut.

Gone Girl is currently Fincher’s last film, but his new Munk is due out on Netflix by the end of the year. The exact date of the premiere has not yet been announced.