Goldman Sachs predicted the largest growth in US GDP in 70 years

The bank’s forecast-and the last time such GDP growth was recorded in the country in 1951 – is almost twice the expectations of most American financial analysts.

Experts of the American bank Goldman Sachs predict US GDP growth this year by 8%. According to the information portal Axios, the bank notified its customers on Sunday evening.

“We have raised our forecast for GDP [US], which is a consequence of the analysis of the latest news of the current fiscal policy, and now expect growth in 2021 by 8%, and the unemployment rate by the end of 2021-at the level of 4%, the lowest of the agreed forecasts, with a further decrease to 3.5% in 2022 and to 3.2% in 2023,” the portal quotes the bank’s notification. Based on this forecast, Goldman Sachs experts expect US inflation in 2023 to reach 2.1%.

Axios noted that this forecast is very optimistic and almost twice the expectations of most US financial analysts, who are inclined to believe that the US GDP growth rate will leave 4.7% this year. Back in November last year, it was set at 3.9%.

The portal points out that the implementation of the bank’s forecasts – and the last time such GDP growth was recorded in the United States in 1951 – will mean a complete economic recovery from the consequences of the pandemic, which led to a decline in the economy of 4.1% in 2020, and an increase in GDP to $22.6 trillion.

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