Goldie Hawn answered why she left her boyfriend for Kurt Russell 38 years ago

Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell have been together since 1983, but never formalized the relationship. Before meeting Russell, Goldie was twice married and raised a son and daughter.

In a new interview, Ellen DeGeneres, Hawn and Russell talked about the beginning of their relationship. Goldie confessed how Kurt won her over. “I was amazed at how he looked at my children. It was something special, he … he gets along well with the kids. I was pleasantly surprised, ” the actress shared.

During the meeting with Kurt, Goldie was in a relationship, but broke them up, making a choice in favour of a new acquaintance. “I had a boyfriend then. But it was hard, we had a difficult relationship. Once I just called him, apologized and said that it was over, I met another. It seems that Kurt was also dating someone at the time, ”Goldie said.

In a conversation with the actors, DeGeneres noted that they rarely do interviews together. To which Kurt replied, “Yes, very rarely. Just yesterday they talked about it. So this is our first interview with Ellen together. “” And Goldie added: “Wow, after 38 years of relationship, we still have something happening for the first time!””

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