Global warming can slow down hurricanes. This is bad news

Global warming can slow down hurricanes. Researchers at Princeton University say this is bad news – they can do more harm to the planet.

Scientists have warned that global warming can significantly slow down hurricanes, which will lead to even greater destruction of the planet. They explained that it was not a question of wind speed, but how quickly they move on the surface of the Earth. Thus, a slowdown may mean more destruction for specific areas.

Their findings are based on meteorological data collected since 1950, as well as on observations of storms over the past few years. They loaded this data into a computer simulation model. Researchers studied the “translational” or translational movement of hurricanes and the speed of a gale. They found that, regardless of wind speed, a storm can still move slowly.

For example, in 2019, Hurricane Dorian produced gusts at a speed of 295 km / h, but at the same time it moved at a speed of only a few kilometers per hour.

“Our simulations show that in the future, anthropogenic warming can significantly slow down the movement of hurricanes, especially in some populated areas of mid-latitudes. This could lead to more extensive destruction, ”said Gan Zhang, a climatologist at Princeton University.

Using detailed climate models, Zhang and his colleagues presented six different models based on 15 separate sets of baseline conditions, giving them a total of 90 different possible future scenarios. In all of these 90 scenarios, models note that carbon dioxide levels are expected to increase by 4 degrees by the end of the century.

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