Global sleepover: tens of thousands of people spent the night on the street to help the homeless

Tens of thousands of people around the world spent night in the open as part of the world’s big sleep out to raise donations for the homeless.

The action took place in the largest cities of the world, especially large groups of people spent the night in places of interest — near the walls of Cardiff Castle, the Ferris wheel in Hong Kong or Times Square.

The action was attended by residents of at least 50 cities in all parts of the world, from Kharkiv to Santiago.

According to the organizers, about 60 thousand people around the world went to sleep on the street. Overnight stays were organized in large cities. In Trafalgar Square in London, for example, two thousand people slept.

Celebrities joined the action: in London, before preparing to spend the night under plastic covers, the band Travis performed, and actress Judi Dench read them bedtime stories. Will Smith performed in New York.

The goal of the “big sleepover” was to raise $ 50 million for the homeless. Half of the money raised in each city went to the homeless of that city, and the other half went to the General Global Fund, which will be distributed to charities in all countries.

There are no final statistics on the number of donations collected.

Josh Littlejohn, the founder of the World’s Big Sleep Out movement, called the sleepover a success. Its aim was “to send a signal to world leaders to encourage them to adopt a policy of compassion towards homeless people and to find a solution to the problem of homelessness and the global refugee problem that concerns us all,” he said.

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