Global markets are growing, reflecting investors ‘ hopes for economic recovery

The agreement on measures to stimulate the economy in the EU had a positive impact on stock indexes.

Global markets showed growth on Tuesday, reflecting investors ‘ optimism about the agreement reached by European leaders on a large-scale package of economic assistance, as well as about reports of new promising coronavirus vaccines.

Tokyo’s Nikkei index closed 0.7 percent higher, Hong Kong’s Hang Seng 2.3 percent higher, and the Shanghai Composite 0.2 percent higher.

Sydney’s S&P/ASX added 2.5 percent, Seoul’s KOSPI added 1.3 percent, Taiwan’s TSEC added 1.8 percent, and Mumbai’s Sensex added 1.3 percent.

London’s FTSE index rose 0.7 percent, Paris’s CAC-40 rose 1.2 percent, and Frankfurt’s DAX rose 1.9 percent.

Oil markets are also showing positive dynamics: US crude oil rose 2.5 percent to $ 41.85 per barrel, while benchmark Brent rose 2.7 percent to $ 44.45 per barrel.

Futures for the Dow Jones, S&P 500, and NASDAQ are also rising, promising a successful start to trading on Wall Street.

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