GitHub was crushed

GitHub, the largest source code management, development, and storage service, crashed for the second time in two weeks. Malfunctions in the service lasted about four hours, they could be observed on the official website.

Recall that GitHub is the largest service for managing, developing, and storing source code. It is used by such companies as Apple, Google, Amazon, and Facebook. At the end of 2019, the number of users reached 41 million, over the year 44 million new repositories were created on GitHub (in total there are more than one hundred million).

Today, July 13, instead of the welcome registration form, it was written on the official website that an internal server error (500 Internal Server Error) had occurred.

The company called the failure serious, but the causes of the problem are not specified.

Recall that earlier, on June 29, GitHub experienced a similar two-hour crash. The reason was also not called.

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