Gisele Bundchen plants 40,000 Trees to celebrate her 40th Birthday

On July 20, Gisele Bundchen celebrated her 40th birthday. On this occasion, the model, not indifferent to environmental problems, decided to donate 40 thousand trees to the planet. She announced this on her Instagram on the eve of the anniversary.

‘As some of you know, July 20th is my birthday. And it’s not just a birthday. I can’t believe I’m turning 40! I feel like a new chapter in my life is beginning and I would like to celebrate it in a meaningful way. So I decided to plant 40,000 trees. I have been planting trees for various projects for many years now because I feel that this is the best way to give back to Mother Earth. This year my family and I planned to plant trees in the rainforest of the Amazon for my birthday. But as we know this is not possible now, ‘ – writes Giselle. But she had an idea of how to do it.

‘I figured out how others can help me plant trees. I have already talked to my family and friends – they will turn their gifts into trees. This way we can all repay the Earth. You can join me and plant a tree in the Amazon, ‘ – clarified Giselle, and left a link for donations in the bio of her Instagram account.