Gillian Anderson broke up with ‘The Crown’ creator

British tabloid Daily Mail reported that after four years of relationship, 52-year-old Gillian Anderson and 57-year-old screenwriter Peter Morgan have decided to part ways.

The actress’s ex-boyfriend is well known to fans of the Crown series: it was he who invented and wrote the scandalous drama about the royal family. Gillian joined the historical project in the new season as Margaret Thatcher.

Anderson and Morgan often went out together, supporting each other at various events. Insiders note that the novel has exhausted itself, but the stars decided to remain friends. Their relationship was also affected by various work and family obligations.

Gillian is raising two sons from director Mark Griffiths – 14-year-old Oscar and 12-year-old Felix. She also has a 26-year-old daughter, Piper, who was born to artist Clyde Klotz. But Peter has five heirs at once – and all from ex-wife Leela Schwarzenberg. None of the celebrities has yet commented on the rumours.

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