Gigi Hadid spoke about the first ‘date’ with Zane Malik after the birth of her daughter

Less than a month ago, 25-year-old Gigi Hadid and 27-year-old Zane Malik had a daughter. The other day, the couple decided to take a short break, taking a break from their new parenting duties and arranged a romantic evening for themselves. The lovers observe isolation, so they prepared delicious food at home, which they rushed to notify their fans on Instagram.

Gigi shared some photos and videos of the dinner preparation. The star made a chicken piccata recipe from cookbook author Teegan Gerard. This girl’s recipe blog is read by thousands of fans around the world today.

I made a chicken piccata with sage, butter, and mushroom paste tonight (highly recommended). On the first date of mom and dad, – she signed the video.

Hadid wrote that she left her daughter with her grandmother, and the baby is very close, in the next room. The stellar parents have not yet declassified the name of the daughter. Now Gigi and Zane live with the model’s mother Yolanda in a country house in Pennsylvania. They also spent most of the quarantine there. Sister Gigi Bella also lived there for several months, but recently returned to New York.

Despite sleepless nights, things seem to be going well for Gigi.

Gigi is very tired but has already become a wonderful mom. The first couple of weeks were a difficult transition period, but she did not complain and is happy to be a mom.

They are comfortable on the family farm. Gigi wants maximum privacy for her child and wants to be able to raise her daughter away from prying eyes. Yolanda helps them a lot. She even replaces the nurse, and they are so grateful to her for that,

– A source told E! earlier this month.